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Traveling with Kids

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Traveling with Kids

The beautiful Hawaiian Islands are the perfect destination for families with kids as there are many beautiful sights and beaches that parents and children will both enjoy. Hawaii's breathtaking beaches offer the perfect backdrop for a myriad of activities like swimming, snorkeling, and simply relaxing in the warm sands.

Children can play in the shallow waters of the family-friendly beaches and explore the beauty of Nature. There are also a great variety of day-trip destinations on the different Hawaiian Islands. The best way to travel on the islands — and reach different tourist attractions at your own pace — is to cruise around in your own rental car.

This way, your children can bring their toys in the car to make traveling easier. You have no timetable restrictions and can begin your trip whenever you want.

When planning your Hawaii trip as a family there are a few other aspects to consider that can make the experience easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Give your children time to acclimate by — for the first few days after arrival — not planning any long "day trips" nor any extended activities. Perfect activities for these first few days are visiting the pool where you are lodging, buying food at a local market, and simply enjoying your time in the sun and relaxing.

Traveling with kids

Best Islands for Traveling with Children

All of the Hawaiian Islands offer many possibilities to spend a great holiday with your kids — especially the beaches, as their soft sand and warm water are perfect for children. Check out our suggestions for the different Hawaiian Islands and find the perfect vacation spot for you and your family. Simply pick up your rental car at the airport and start your holiday in a relaxed manner.

Best Islands for Traveling with Children


On Oahu you will easily find many family-friendly hotels and resorts. Another advantage is the small size of the island that enables you to reach different parts of the island quickly. It offers plenty of kid-friendly beaches and child-oriented activities such as snorkeling and hiking. 

The world-famous Waikiki Beach is also a great spot to spend time with your whole family. As it is situated on the edge of Honolulu’s downtown, you can grab a bite to eat or go souvenir shopping when you have had enough sun. 

Older kids can take advantage of the many opportunities of learning how to surf. A trip to Diamond Head volcano is something special that will be greatly enjoyed by the whole family. 

Big Island

Exploring Big Island in a rental car is a great idea. In your rental car, you can easily drive up to Volcanoes National Park. Here, you can experience Kilauea, an active volcano site. This activity is best suited for older kids.

If you are traveling with very young children, it is always a great pastime to spend time at the beach. One of the most popular beaches is Hapuna Beach which offers you everything from surfing to swimming to just relaxing in the sun. Also make sure to attend a luau in the evening. Your children will love this insight into Hawaiian culture and have a great time dancing the hula and tasting the traditional Hawaiian food. 


Another great place to spend your holiday is Maui — with its wonderfully sunny beaches and many whale–watching opportunities. Here, your children can experience the many natural wonders. Take your children on a snorkeling tour to enjoy the beautiful coral reefs and the colorful fish.

Another great idea for a day trip is driving up to Maui Ocean Center to see the diverse marine life. 


Kauai is the perfect island if your kids are already a bit older as it offers many possibilities for adventures — from horseback riding to rainforest hikes, there is a lot to discover here! Also, check out the numerous playgrounds — and other fun activities such as ziplining which gives you a great bird’s-eye view of this tropical paradise.

Activities and Sights for Kids

The Hawaiian Islands are very kid-friendly. You can also easily find places that cater especially to children — such as restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions — because they are marked with the special family-friendly icon. There is an abundance of activities that your children will enjoy.

Activities and Sights for Kids

Beach and Water Activities

The many beautiful beaches on the different islands are a highlight for everyone. Furthermore, you can also find different activities that are perfectly tailored to childrens needs. Artificially created lagoons are a great option because the shallow waters are perfect for kids — as are watching the beautiful sunsets in the evening and going for fun picnics at the beach. 

Also make sure to check out the many water adventures that Hawaii has to offer with Hanauma Bay Snorkel on Oahu or the night snorkeling tours on Big Island, where you can see manta rays in the wild. 


If you are traveling with older kids, hiking is a great way to spend a day or two. Hike up to Diamond Head Summit on Oahu to enjoy the spectacular view of Honolulu. Another great spot is Haleakalā National Park on Maui where you can hike up Maui’s biggest volcano and enjoy the numerous waterfalls in the bamboo forest. 

Spending the Evenings

The evenings can also be made into a fun experience for everyone. Hawaii, in general, is an extremely family-friendly place and so most restaurants welcome children with children’s menus, booster seats and high chairs for different age groups. During the day, you also have a lot of opportunities for dining outside like picnics or check out the many great food options at the local farmers markets. 


Learning something about the culture of the places you visit is a great experience. So check out the many interesting museums. Drive up to the Whalers Village Museum in West Maui and learn all about whaling in the 19th century. Another great trip is to Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawaii which is located in Hilo on the Big Island.

Traveling by Car with Children

Tips for Traveling with Kids

You have picked your rental car and are ready to start your Hawaiian adventure. Now, there are a few tips that will help you make your life easier. First, you of course need a car seat. You can either bring your own or rent one at the destination. Make sure to pick kid-friendly stops such as beaches or playgrounds so that your children will not get bored. Also bring picture books, movies and snacks for the drive to help make time pass faster. 

Car Classes for Family Vacation



The perfect car for your family holiday is a Minivan that will provide enough space for everyone. All children can be seated comfortably and you will have enough room left for luggage, picnic utensils and beach gear.



Car Rental Hawaii offers you a wide range of Economy cars — small cars that are perfect for city driving. On all of the different islands you will find interesting cities and towns that you can explore on your own, free from time constraints.

Standard Car


Hawaii is a great destination to spend your family vacation as its sunny climate, great landscapes, fantastic beaches and the friendly Hawaiian spirit will make you feel welcome and at home. Exploring any of the islands independent of any schedules will add to this feeling of relaxation. With your Standard rental car, this is possible.

Tips for Traveling with Kids & FAQ

3 Tips for Traveling with Kids

The Flight

The shortest flight from the USA mainland is from Los Angeles — and it takes five or six hours. Flying that amount of hours or longer with little kids is very tough for the little ones. So make sure to bring a lot of games, toys and snacks to make time go by faster. For older kids, it may be interesting to get a book about Hawaii in preparation for the trip. 

Best Accommodations

Hawaii offers a wide range of family-friendly resorts where you will enjoy a relaxed stay with your whole family. There is also a wide range of hotels that cater to families, from affordable to luxurious. Another great option is to stay at a beach house. Here you have more space for your kids to use. 

Baby-Friendly Traveling

When you are travelling with a baby, you need either a carriage or a stroller or string — depending on which trips you have planned.


On each of the Hawaiian Islands you will find many destinations like beaches and sights that your children will love. From Big Island to Maui to Oahu, you will find many activities for kids.

Travelling with a baby under 9 months of age can be quite stressful as sleeping and feeding patterns are still quite unpredictable. Whether you want to fly in this case or not depends on your individual situation and it is quite difficult to make any predictions. Travelling with toddlers requires careful planning: it is crucial to bring a lot of distractions in the form of film and picture books on the plane.

Once again, the crucial point is providing enough entertainment by bringing toys and snacks. Also make sure to take regular stops so that the driving intervals are not too long. 

Under the age of 18, US citizens do not need an ID. However, it is recommended to bring along a copy of the birth certificate. 

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Beaches Big Island

The beaches on Hawaii’s Big Island are very different from all the other islands’ beaches as Big Island is by far the youngest of the Hawaiian Islands. Big Island has some of the world’s only green sand beaches as well as black sand beaches and white sand beaches and some very new beaches formed from lava rocks.

Maps & orientation

Depending on whether you want to spend your holiday on just one island or visiting different islands, choose the modes of transportation that best suit your needs. The flights from island to island are very short — however, sometimes you might need a connecting flight through Honolulu International Airport in Oahu.

Plan 1st Trip

Planning your trip to Hawaii is an exciting matter — as Hawaii is the ultimate dream destination for many travelers. The different Hawaiian Islands offer something for everybody — from beautiful beaches to breathtaking volcanic landscapes to rainforests and hills, they are always worth a visit.