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  • CDW 100%-Collision Damage Waiver (full comprehensiv and vehicle theft Insurance with Zero excess)
  • EP-Extended Protection (incrreased third-PARTY Liability insureance coverage up to 1 Mio Usd)
  • Refueling option 3 days and more ( pick up full return empty, savings up to €110 depending on car class)
  • Free child seats
  • All additional driver (over 25 Years of age)
  • Glass and Tires 100%
  • Unlimted miles
  • Airport provision and airport charges
  • All local taxes and Fees
  • Automatic transmission
Additonal Notes

This exclusive Package-Deal operates on an "all or nothing" basis, meaning that its services and benefits cannot be customized or excluded. We offer two options, the "Silver-Package" and the "Gold-Package," each with a fixed price. However, it is important to note that this fantastic deal is exclusively available to customers with a non-US driver's license.

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Destinations / Islands Hawaii

Where is Big Island?

Big Island

Hawaii's Big Island offers a host of activities to make your vacation memorable. It is the largest island of the United States and its roughly 200,000 inhabitants make up 14 % of the population of the State of Hawaii.

The Island of Hawaii, as is its official name, offers you 8 of the existing 13 climate zones in the world.

Where is Maui?


Maui is the second-largest Hawaiian island with a population of around 144.000 people. People from all over the world choose to spend their holidays here to enjoy the perfect mix of exploring and relaxing.

Starting from the largest city Kahului where you land at Kahului airport, you reach the main tourist areas West Maui with the towns Kaanapali, Lahaina, Napili-Honokowai and many more.

Where is Kauai?


Kauai as the oldest island of Hawaii is the ultimate tropical paradise and is known as the "Garden Isle” because of its diverse fauna. It is the perfect spot for outdoor adventures with a multitude of activities such as kayaking, helicopter flights or hiking.

Discover the four very distinct regions of Kauai: the North Shore, the East Coast, the South Shore and Western Kauai. 

Where is Molokai?


Molokai is nicknamed the friendly isle and has three very distinct regions. Central Molokai with the island’s main town Kaunakakai is home to many beautiful sights like the Kalaupapa National Historical Park.

You can admire the impressive steep see cliffs and enjoy a day at Coconut Beach Park.

Where is Oahu?


Oahu is the second oldest of the Hawaiian Islands and has the largest population of all Hawaiian Islands with almost one million people.

This is also reflected in its name, which means “The Gathering Place”: the island is a place for people to come together and enjoy themselves at the beautiful beaches or while exploring the glorious landscapes.

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Experience the wonders of a Hawaiian vacation at your own pace with Car Rental Hawaii. Whether your dream is to surf the pristine waves, indulge in fishing adventures, shop till you drop, or simply immerse yourself in breathtaking sights, the islands of Maui, Kauai, Oahu and the Big Island offer some of the world's best vacation destinations. With affordable and practical car rentals in Hawaii, you have the freedom to explore wherever and whenever you desire!

Hawaii caters to all kinds of travelers – singles, couples, and families alike. No matter your preferences, the enchanting Hawaiian Islands promise an unforgettable vacation experience. Let Car Rental Hawaii be your gateway to these wonders!

For most European travelers, additional insurance, such as Collision Damage Waiver and additional Liability Insurance, is a priority when renting a car in the USA. At times, we are pleased to offer rental car Insurance package Deals that prove to be more cost-effective than renting a car without insurance!

When reserving a car without insurance, referred to as Basic Insurance, and opting to add insurance at the rental counter, the additional cost can amount to up to 65 Dollars per day on top of the initial rental rates. However, our exclusive "Insurance package Deals" offer two options: the Silver Package, which includes both insurances, or the Gold Package, encompassing both insurances along with the added perk of 1 free tank of gas – allowing you to pick up the car with a full tank and return it empty. Moreover, these packages cover all additional driver over 25 years old, and for your convenience, we provide complimentary Child Seats!

Explore Hawaii like a Pro

cars for adventure trips on hawaii


The different Hawaiian Islands are a paradise for anyone who is looking for an adventure holiday. Whether you visit the impressive volcanoes on Big Island or enjoy the untouched tropical paradise on Molokai, at each location you can discover the island by car with our big selection of SUVs or Jeep Wranglers.

cars for sighseeing tours on hawaii


Experience Hawaiian culture and explore the beautiful coastal villages and bustling towns. Whether you decide on Oahu with Hawaii’s capital Honolulu and the famous Waikiki Beach or you decide on visiting the green paradise that is Kauai, discovering the chosen destination by car is always a great idea.

cars family vacation on hawaii


Hawaii offers numerous idyllic beach front resorts that are perfect for your family holiday. Pick up your rental SUV or Minivan to accommodate all passengers and all your luggage and explore the island: each island offers its own mix of adventure and relaxation.

Discover Hawaii by Car

The State of Hawaii, with its diverse islands and captivating landscapes, offers a holiday experience that caters to every traveler's desires. Aptly nicknamed the Aloha State, Paradise of the Pacific, and the Islands of Aloha, Hawaii exudes a warm and hospitable spirit that welcomes visitors with open arms. Spanning across the entire volcanic Hawaiian archipelago, it comprises the eight main islands of Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, Maui, and the Island of Hawaii. Notably, Niihau remains a private island, while Kahoolawe has no permanent residents.

The natural wonders of Hawaii are abundant, boasting two national parks: the Haleakala National Park on the island of Maui and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island. Here, travelers can embark on a journey of discovery, surrounded by breathtaking beauty. Hawaii's tropical climate invites visitors to indulge in a plethora of activities, from exhilarating snorkeling adventures to invigorating hikes up majestic volcanoes. Thrill-seekers can engage in running or cliff jumping, immersing themselves in the adrenaline-fueled excitement.

Throughout the year, Hawaii offers an array of marvels to behold. Observe graceful sea turtles or partake in a mesmerizing whale-watching tour during the winter months. With an abundance of awe-inspiring experiences awaiting, Hawaii serves as the ultimate destination for an unforgettable holiday for travelers of all interests.


Discover the many different routes on the Hawaiian Islands that are perfect for road trips: Drive along Big Island’s East Coast to reach Hawaii Volcanoes National Park or follow Maui’s Kahekili Highway through lush valleys.


Hikers love Hawaii and each of its islands is full of beautiful hikes to go on. From volcanic landscapes to beaches or tropical forests: There is a lot to discover.


Enjoy the tropical climate at the world-famous white, black and green sand beaches: from Oahu, the most populated island to the small gem of Molokai: there are perfect beaches everywhere.


Hawaii’s massive shield volcanoes are impressive natural spectacles: Maunaloa is the world’s biggest volcano and covers half of Big Island. Drive up to Diamond Head on Oahu and hike up the volcano to enjoy the breathtaking view.


Hawaii’s tropical climate combined with its multitude of mountain peaks creates spectacular waterfalls. The best islands for waterfalls are Big Island, Maui and Kauai: Hike through the beautiful landscapes and spend some time enjoying a dip in the waterfall swimming holes.


The Hawaiian Islands are full of magical places to discover: beautiful beaches, rainforests, small fishing towns and lively cities: They prove to be the best holiday destination for anyone. Renting a car and discovering all the sights on your own is the best way to experience Hawaii.


Hawaiian cuisine is a mixture of Polynesian and Native Hawaiian cuisine with strong American, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Puerto Rican and Portuguese influences. Try Poke, the local dish of diced raw fish.


For bigger shopping trips, Oahu is your best destination: Honolulu’s Ala Moana Center is the world’s largest outdoor mall. If you prefer discovering special little gifts and souvenirs, check out the many little shops and boutiques on Molokai.

Choose The Insurance When Renting a Car

Car Rental Hawaii is dedicated to securing the best possible deals for European travelers visiting Hawaii and seeking car rentals. As you begin the process of choosing a car or car size, it's essential to consider your personal insurance needs. We aim to provide you with comprehensive information about your insurance options, empowering you to make the right choice when booking a rental car.

Our standard deals come with Basic Insurance, which is the minimum required for legal car operation. This is because most Americans possess their own car insurance that covers their personal requirements. However, it's crucial to be aware that if you rent a car with Basic Insurance and any incidents occur involving the car or others, you would be held liable. Adding insurance at the counter can be quite costly, with rates reaching up to $55 per day on top of the confirmed rate.

To spare you from such unpleasant experiences, we offer a solution known as the "Insurance Package Deal." The Silver-Package includes a comprehensive 100% Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and up to $1 million additional Liability Insurance (EP). For even more value, our Gold-Package incorporates all additional drivers free of charge and provides you with one complimentary tank of gas, allowing you to pick up the car full and return it empty. In many cases, booking the Insurance Package Deal proves to be more economical than choosing the rate with no insurance included. Please note that a non-US driver's license is required to qualify for this offer.

At Car Rental Hawaii, we prioritize your peace of mind and strive to make your Hawaii vacation experience hassle-free.

We offer two ways to book a rental car with us:

  1. with Basic Insurance only: you are 100% liable for any damage to the vehicle or to third parties
  2. with Additional Insurance included: CDW covers 100% with no excess; EP covers $1 Mio of third party liability (Silver and Gold Package)

Planning Your Visit To The Hawaiian Islands

When traveling to Hawaii, the same visa rules apply as for any visit to the USA. It's essential to ensure you have a valid driver's license for the USA if you plan to rent a car and explore the islands. Hawaii enjoys warm and sunny weather for most of the year, so it's best to pack lightly, but do remember to include some clothing suitable for occasional rain.

Regardless of whether you arrive in Hawaii on a cruise ship or by plane at one of the airports, you'll find convenient car rental opportunities nearby. To plan and prepare for your stay, there are numerous books, websites, and pictures available, offering valuable insights. You can opt for a detailed itinerary to follow during your visit or embrace a more spontaneous approach, deciding day-by-day on your activities. In either case, having a good overview of the Hawaiian Islands – Maui, Kauai, Oahu, and Big Island – and what each has to offer will enhance your experience.

Having a rental car grants you the freedom and flexibility to explore each island at your own pace. You can venture off the beaten path, discover hidden gems, or embark on long trips to fully immerse yourself in the beauty and wonders of the Hawaiian Islands.

5 Tips on planning a vacation in Hawaii

  1. 1. When planning your Hawaii holiday, the first decision to make is whether you prefer the lively crowds of tourists during the summer and winter seasons or the tranquility of the quieter off-season months.

  2. 2. Are you a nature-loving enthusiast, eager to explore hiking trails and bask on stunning beaches, or do you lean towards adventurous road trips to discover idyllic villages? Hawaii caters to a wide range of holiday possibilities, satisfying every taste.

  3. 3. Select your perfect accommodation from a variety of options such as hotels, condos, luxury resorts, or cozy B&Bs, based on your plans and preferences.

  4. 4. If you're considering a Hawaiian vacation, discover the freedom to explore at your own pace with Car Rental Hawaii. Whether you desire surfing, fishing, shopping, or simply soaking in the breathtaking sights, the Hawaiian islands of Maui, Kauai, Oahu, and the Big Island boast some of the world's finest vacation destinations. With car rental in Hawaii, you can conveniently and affordably explore the sights, allowing you to go wherever and whenever you desire.

  5. 5. Hop into your preferred vehicle from Alamo Car Rental Hawaii and embark on a scenic drive to the awe-inspiring Waimea Canyon. Along the way, relish the captivating scenery and take a leisurely break at one of the many picturesque beach parks on the beautiful island of Kauai.

FAQ Car Rental Hawaii

Once the car is confirmed, we’ll send you a confirmation email which contains the confirmation number as well as the final price. This price is not going to change unless you purchase additional services or upgrades.

Please note: Taxes are subject to change without notice. The government can add or raise taxes — however, we cannot take responsibility for any tax changes.

You will receive a personal confirmation number after we have placed the reservation for you. This number guarantees you the specified rental car. You can always call the rental car company directly to verify this information — but note: they can’t change or cancel your reservation over the phone. Since you booked on our site, their website doesn’t show the reservation. Nonetheless, it is present in the systems which the agencies and their call center access for various logistical purposes.

Once the car is confirmed (with a confirmation number), the reservation is guaranteed. So make sure that you have your reservation number ready when you approach the rental car agency for pick-up.

At our site you find cars in all sizes and from all rental agencies all over Hawaii. So, you don’t have to bother about which agency to choose — you simply select your dates and the car of your choice. We show you the cars available and their prices. You select the option you like best.

When you book the car on our site, we will need your email address. The following happens in the background:

  1. We make a binding reservation in the system of the rental agency for the car and the time that you chose.
  2. You get a confirmation via email — and the confirmation number entitles you to pick up the car at the rental agency at the selected pick-up location.
  3. You pay — at the rental car agency — the price we confirmed in the email (only taxes are "subject to change").
  4. If you want to change or cancel your reservation, you contact us.

So, you have the broadest selection of cars, the greatest flexibility of times and pick-up locations and drop-off locations, and you profit from our good prices. And you pay only when you actually pick up the car. And if you have any questions, you can always contact us.

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