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Driver Information

Special Conditions for Drivers under 25 years old

Driving a Rental Car in Hawaii

It is quite common to explore the Hawaiian Islands on your own by renting a car and driving directly to wherever you want. Near every airport you will find car rental agencies where you pick up your car and drop it off. For cruise ship passengers too, car rental is a good mode if you have some time and want to explore a particular island. When you start planning your visit to Hawaii, you should plan your driving needs at the same time. Driving a car on your own is very convenient and gives you much flexibility to better enjoy your vacation.

Drivers And Driver’s Licenses

When renting a car you must have a valid driver’s license. Please check whether the license you have is accepted by US authorities. Since Hawaii is the 50th federal state of the USA, the laws and rules of the USA apply. For people from some countries, it’s necessary to get an “international driver’s license” (it is a kind of addendum to your national driver’s license) in order to drive in Hawaii. This bureaucratic procedure can take some weeks, so you should start at least two months in advance.

Not only must the renter have a valid driver’s license, but also any driver who will drive the car during the rental period. Be sure to state who all drivers will be when picking up the car. Any person driving the car who is not mentioned in the rental contract, violates the rental terms and conditions — and this revokes your insurance. 

You can usually add a second driver without additional fees. If you book our package deal, a third driver will be free as well. We advise you to actually add all drivers, since it can cause you big trouble if someone drives your car who is not stated in your rental contract. If you travel in a group you should agree beforehand as to who will drive the car and who will not.

All other additional authorized driver situations are subject to a daily charge.

An additional driver may only be added to the contract at a rental location and may be added or removed in the middle of the contract. When adding an additional driver in the middle of the contract both the renter and the additional driver must be present at the location.

The rental agencies charge a special additional fee of $25 per day (+ tax) for drivers below the age of 25 years. However, if you book through us at Thrifty or Dollar, the additional rate for each driver under 25 years old is only $10 per day (+ tax) instead. An underage driver is someone who is below the age of 25 years old, yet must be at least the minimum age of 21 years old. The treatment of underage drivers is independent of how old the driver’s license is or how much driving experience the driver has. If the person is under 25 years old and wants to drive — and is at least 21 years old — then the rule for underage drivers applies. 

Underage Driver Information


FAQ on drivers

Yes, but there is an additional "Young Driver Charge" — on a "per day" basis — of $25 + tax, in addition to the full price. However, we have a great discounted “Young Driver Rate" with Thrifty and Dollar. The price is only $10 per day + tax (on selected deals). After choosing a deal with Thrifty or Dollar, send us an email and ask us to confirm that you have indeed chosen the applicable deal for the discounted $10 per day (+ tax) "Young Driver Rate" deal.

No. Book the car with our discounted Thrifty or Dollar rate (only $10 per day). However, you have to book the deals with 2 additional drivers included in order to qualify for the $10 per day “young drivers fee”. Otherwise you are going to pay $25 per day.

It is $25 per day on top of the regular rate with Alamo, Budget, and Avis. With Thrifty and Dollar we have on special Rates (with 2 additional drivers included) of $10 per day. Thrifty and Dollar also show rates with primary driver included only, and on those rates the “young drivers fee” is $25.

Book the car and call us at 1-866-300-7116 and we can estimate to you how much your total charges will be, including the “young drivers fee”.

Just book (if possible, the Thrifty or Dollar rate with 2 additional free drivers) — and once it is booked, call us and we will check for you how much it will end up with the “young drivers fee” included.

Charges for an additional driver (over 25 years old) with the Basic Insurance Deal:

  • If you book the car with Alamo, one additional driver is free and every other one thereafter costs $12 per day (plus tax), in addition to the regular rental charge.
  • If you book with Thrifty or Dollar, you get up to two additional drivers included for free.
  • If you book the car with A-Brand (Avis) or B-Brand (Budget), spouse as first additional driver is free. For any other drivers, the costs are $13 per day, with a maximum of $65 per week per extra driver.  

Our “package deals” include up to three additional drivers per day.

NO. None of the major rental car companies offer this

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