Special Car Rental Service for Cruise Ship Passengers

Aloha and thank you for your interest in using CarRentalHawaii.com. We booked many rental cars for cruise ship customers like you and any questions you may have will no doubt be answered on our FAQ page. Please read all the information BEFORE contacting us by phone.

We are pleased to serve cruise ship passengers touring Hawaii. We can easily help you to arrange your one-day car rentals to explore our beautiful islands.

We also provide information about how to be picked up at the pier and details about each local car rental agency.

Free Pick Up Service at the pier. The Agency locations are close to each harbor. (NO FREE PICK UP IN KONA, LAHAINA, )

Knowing that your time on each Island is precious, we suggest to rather keep an eye on efficient-pick up and drop-off - than on the "FREE SHUTTLE" provided or not by the different rental car agencies.

DID YOU EVER GET FREE LUNCH? - Car rental companies change their rules and procedures about the "free shuttle pick up at the pier" often these days, without any kind of information for the customer. And even if they provide the free shuttle they may restrict that service like only the driver can get free shuttle, not his fellows.

Every time you'll arrive at the agency, with the "FREE SHUTTLE" service you will have to wait for another 30 People waiting in the crowd before you'll get your rental car!

Our suggestion is to keep your own control over your rare vacation time  by paying for a taxi, get faster to the rental agency, while all the other customers are waiting for the FREE SHUTTLE. Pick up your car and get on the road, before everybody else even arrives at  the agency.

Most of the pick-up locations are at local airports (3-10 Min. of driving). For Honolulu, the Down Town Agency in Waikiki is providing the free Shuttle pick-up. Please choose "Honolulu City" to arrange your rental car if you want to get the free shuttle. However, in Waikiki, are the rental car prices and the waiting time higher and longer than the nearby airport which includes is a much bigger agency.

Our suggestions for Oahu: call a Taxi and pay for it. Book the car from and to the airport, save on the now lower rental car rate, and save drop-off charges and nevertheless,  T I M E !!!!

There is no free pick up in Kona. Since Kona was the only place where the drive from the pier to the agency was more than 30 minutes and the road is often loaded with cars (bumper to bumper) nobody wants to take on the responsAbility  of delivering the clients too late to the ship and then have to pay for accommodation if the ship is already gone). However, we suggest to not rent a car in Kona and rather enjoy that this is the only stop on your cruise where you actual ARE in a nice location and not in a industrial port like the other islands. Just take the day off and enjoy Kona Town rather than rent a car and being in stress all day long to keep an eye on the clock because you have to return it by 3 o Clock already (and pay for the whole day!!).

In Lahaine the free pick up is not guaranteed as well... again... we suggest to controll your time by taking a taxi. If you want to try to get a "free shuttel" check our rates with Budget or Avis.

To book the car for Nawiliwili Harbor in Kauai, please use the "Kauai-Lihue" location. For Lahaina, Maui you need to use the "Maui-Kaanapali" location. Please enter a separate reservation for each port.

Please read our FAQ page for answers to questions other cruise ship customers have asked before making your reservation.

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Mahalo (thank you) for choosing CarRentalHawaii.com for your travel needs!

— NKT Travel


Phone numbers for the local Rental car Agencies:

Alamo Agencies in Hawaii:

Honolulu: (808) 947 6112 (Waikiki)
Lihue Airport: (808) 246-0645 (Kauai)
Kahului Airport: (808) 871-6235 (Maui)
Kaanapali : (808) 661-7181 (West Maui) No free shuttle Pick up
Hilo Airport : (808) 961-3343 (Big Island)
Kona Airport : (808) 329-8896 (Big Island) (no free pick up at pier)

Thrifty Agencies in Hawaii:

Honolulu: (808) 971-2660 (Waikiki)
Lihue Airport: (808) 245-7369 (Kauai)
Kahului Airport: (808) 877-7208 (Maui)
Kaanapali no agency
Hilo Airport : 1-800 367 5238 (Big Island)
Kona Airport : (877) 283-0898 (Big Island)

Enterprise Agencies in Hawaii:

Honolulu: Tel.: (808) 836-2213 (Oahu) Airport
Lihue Airport: Tel.: (808) 246-0204 (Kauai Nawiliwili)
Kahului Airport: Tel.: (808) 871-6982 (Maui)
Kaanapali no agency
Hilo Airport : Tel.: (808) 933-9683 (Big Island)
Kona Airport : Tel.: (808) 334-1810 (Big Island)

Avis Agencies in Hawaii:

Honolulu: (808) 922-1018 (Waikiki)
Lihue Airport: (808) 245-7995 (Kauai)
Kahului Airport: (808) 871-7575 (Maui)
Kaanapali : (808) 661-4588 (West Maui)
Hilo Airport : (808) 935-1298 (Big Island)
Kona Airport : (808) 327-3000 (Big Island) (no free pick up at pier)

Dollar Agencies in Hawaii:

Honolulu: (808) 952-4264 (Waikiki)
Lihue Airport: 1-866-434-2226 (Kauai)
Kahului Airport: 1-866-434-2226 (Maui)
Hilo Airport : 1-866-434-2226 (Big Island)
Kona Airport : 1-866-434-2226 (Big Island) (no free pick up at pier)

Budget Agencies in Hawaii:

Honolulu: (808)921-5808 (Waikiki)
Lihue Airport: (808) 245-9031 (Kauai)
Kahului Airport: (808) 871-8811(Maui)
Kaanapali : (808) 661-8721 (West Maui)
Hilo Airport : (808) 935-6878 (Big Island)
Kona Airport : (808) 329-8511 (Big Island) (no free pick up at pier)

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