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How the car reservation works

Book a Car with up to 50% Savings

Compare & save up to 50% on all major brand rental cars in Hawaii — it is best to book early and re-check rates between now and the pick-up date. You can re-book and cancel anytime with no penalty. Sometimes the agencies are sold out. All of them! So it is important to get a car reservation first thing when you plan a trip. 

Picture yourself lying at the beach, a soft breeze is curling the sea. You relax after a snorkel trip or a hike. With your partner or friend or children you start thinking about your next adventure: exploring the rainforest or tropical countryside, visiting cultural sights, dining deliciously, rambling through shopping centers. And these are just a few of the many possibilities the Hawaiian Islands have to offer. Imagine planning it all long beforehand: what to do when, in what order to do things, how to go from A to B, etc. Or you choose the most convenient approach and rent a car.

A rental car gives you the flexibility to go where you want, when you want. But how to get one? Check our offers. If you know which island you will stay on, select the car which suits your needs and find out how much it will cost you. It’s just a few clicks on our site. Instead of checking each car rental agency by yourself and comparing their offers, you just enter the dates of your trip and we provide you the selection of available cars of all the agencies — all at one glance.

This makes it not only easier for you, but you get the car at a lower rate as well. Since we have negotiated a volume contract deal with all agencies, you profit from our lower prices. And if you are not a United States citizen you can choose our package deal for further convenience: extended insurance, free child safety seats and other amenities — all for a much lesser rate than you would be charged at the agency counter.

The best part: You don’t have to use your credit card to do the booking. However, yes, you do need a credit card in your name for when you pick up your rental car at the agency.  

Car and Mountin

Our Booking Process: 5 Simple Steps

If you have any questions or need changes to be made to your reservation, feel free to contact us.

There are no pre-charges, no extra costs, and no cancellation fee. And, the reservation guarantees that you get the car where and when you booked it for.

Search for car

First, enter your trip data and country of residence in the car search form.

Choose your pick-up location and date/time. Choose your drop-off location and date/time. 

You can already specify which car class you want to rent or leave it at "all" so you see all the cars available.

Pick a car

Second, from the list of cars available, pick the one you like the most: whether small or huge, whether comfortable or sportive.

If you qualify, you can chose our package deal with insurances and additional advantages included in the full price. 

Fill in information

Third, enter your contact information.

Enter your first name, last name and email. Other informational details are optional.

No credit card information is needed to book the car. 

Booking Number

Fourth, when the booking is completed, you get the booking confirmation number — store it appropriately.

An email with all the information will be sent to you. You can also download the booking information as a PDF file. 

You need the confirmation number when you pick up the car at the rental agency.  You can cancel the reservation anytime at no charge.

Pay at pickup

Fifth, when you arrive in Hawaii, go to the rental agency, show your confirmation number, and get the rental car for the price you booked it.

You need a credit card in your name to pay for the car. 

Enjoy your vacation! And at the end of it, you return the car to the car rental agency.

We only book at major car rental companies

Hertz Alamo Avis Budget Enterprise Thrifty Dollar
Choose your vehicle class

Further Advice for Your Planning and Booking

Booking Tips

Whether you arrive at an airport or on a cruise ship — a car agency is always nearby. So, when you plan your trip, just select the pick-up location on our website and what car size would be the best to meet your needs.

Please note, we show the "Base Rate" and the "Total Price". We can guarantee the "Base Rate". The "Total Price" is the price with all taxes and fees included. Since the government can change taxes and fees, between now and your pick up date, this is not under our control. This is why we can guarantee the base rate only. 

If you are traveling with somebody and would like to have this person added as additional driver, you can do so. We have different deals with the different agencies. With some companies we have 1 additional driver free, with some 2, yet with some, only the spouse is a free additional driver. With our package deals, up to 3 additional drivers can be added for free. We always state this information next to the other included details. Make sure you choose the car with the option that best suits your needs. 

If the additional driver is under 25, the "YOUNG DRIVERS FEE" would be added. Note: Additional drivers have to be physically present at the counter and show their valid driver's license. 

When you visit Hawaii it is good to be prepared, but abstain from detailed planning. Prepare yourself in general and get an overview of what the islands of Hawaii have to offer and choose some adventures that you want to experience. And then "decide on-the-spot" what you will do and when. Save time for relaxation or a slow walk along the beach or through the finest areas Mother Nature created. And most importantly: breathe deeply, open your eyes, and go with the flow.

FAQ on Reservation

At our site you find cars in all sizes and from all rental agencies all over Hawaii. So, you don’t have to bother about which agency to choose — you simply select your dates and the car of your choice. We show you the cars available and their prices. You select the option you like best.

When you book the car on our site, we will need your email address. The following happens in the background:

  1. We make a binding reservation in the system of the rental agency for the car and the time that you chose.
  2. You get a confirmation via email — and the confirmation number entitles you to pick up the car at the rental agency at the selected pick-up location.
  3. You pay — at the rental car agency — the price we confirmed in the email (only taxes are "subject to change").
  4. If you want to change or cancel your reservation, you contact us.

So, you have the broadest selection of cars, the greatest flexibility of times and pick-up locations and drop-off locations, and you profit from our good prices. And you pay only when you actually pick up the car. And if you have any questions, you can always contact us.

More information about booking with us

Through a high booking volume each year, we can negotiate great deals with the rental car companies and we can pass the discount on to our clients.

Absolutely not. Once you receive a personal confirmation number you will get the information from the rental agency directly as well. The agency cannot see how and where you placed the order. Think about a customer flying next to you in an airplane going from and to the same airports but they paid 40% more than you — you both get the same quality service from, and the same quality treatment on, that plane.

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Best Insurance Packages

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) eliminates responsibility for damage to, or loss of, a rental vehicle as long as terms of the rental agreement have not been violated. The option of Collision Damage Waiver is charged daily on top of the rental rate and it is NOT an insurance.

There are several types of CDW options:

  • Waiver Saver 500 covers up to $500 damage or loss.
  • Waiver Saver 3000 covers up to $3000 damage or loss.
  • MaxiWaiver Saver covers any damage to, or loss of, the rental vehicle.

If you pay your CDW with credit card, Alamo will authorize a deposit at the time of rental. Protection applies as long as terms of the rental agreement have not been violated.

Please refer to the Rental Agreement, rental jacket, and any underlying policies for the full terms and conditions.

We recommend: Collision Damage Waiver Full

It's really simple: 

If you decline CDW, you agree to pay the Rental Car Company for all damage to, or loss of, the rental car up to its total value, regardless of whose responsibility it is. You also agree to pay any rental car company administrative and loss-of-use charges due to the Rental Car Company's inability to re-rent the car until it has been repaired or replaced. The Rental Car Company can also elect not to repair the car, in which case you have to pay the retail value of the car before it has been damaged, less any salvage amount they collect.

If you accept CDW, the Rental Car Company agrees to waive all of your responsibility for such damage to, or loss of, the car. CDW is void only if any “Prohibited Uses and Violations” occur (as outlined in our rental agreement terms and conditions), or if you leave the keys in the car and it has been stolen, or if you do not immediately report an accident, or damage, or theft to the Rental Car Company.

Extended Protection (EP)

Whether already included in the reserved rate or purchased at the counter, Extended Protection (EP) provides up to an aggregate single limit of $1,000,000 third-party liability. Please refer to the Rental Agreement, rental jacket, and any underlying policies for the full terms and conditions.

We recommend: Extended Protection

It’s not fun to think about, but it’s important. When you drive a car you’re assuming some level of personal financial risk. If you accept EP you won't have to worry because your personal assets are protected up to $1,000,000 in case others make claims against you in the event you cause an accident or injuries while driving the rental car. EP coverage is “primary”, meaning it pays first — before your own personal resources may be touched.

If you decline EP, be aware that the rental car agency is not required to provide liability coverage with rentals in all states. In states where liability coverage is provided, only state minimum requirements are applied, which are usually less than $50,000. Also, in many cases, these benefits are “secondary” — they may be paid only after your own resources are exhausted.

EP also provides you and your family members in the rental car “uninsured motorist benefits” up to an aggregate single limit of $100,000 in case you or a family member sustains bodily injury or death caused by a negligent uninsured/underinsured motorist. In states where many drivers have no insurance of their own this type of coverage can prove to be very valuable.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) (US $7.00 per day*)

Personal Accident Insurance / Personal Effects Coverage (PAI/PEC): U.S.

Where available: If selected and paid for, PAI provides renter and renter’s passengers with Accidental Death, Accident Medical Expenses and Ambulance Expense benefits. PEC insures the personal effects of renter, or any member of renter’s immediate family who permanently resides in renter’s household and who is traveling with renter, against risks of loss or damage while in transit, or in a building, (other than your personal residence), or locked in the vehicle. PAI & PEC are available for an additional charge as stipulated on page 1 of the Rental Agreement. “Renter” is the person who signs the Rental Agreement as renter.

Accident Aggregate, not to exceed $225,000 per accident. (For rentals commencing in NY and FL the aggregate is $500,000 and for rentals commencing in MN the aggregate is $130,000.)

The above PAI benefits for the renter apply to accidents during the rental period whether or not the renter is in vehicle. Passengers are covered only for accidents occurring while they occupy the vehicle. Anyone other than the renter occupying or operating vehicle shall be considered a “passenger” for the purposes of PAI benefits.

PAI Benefits Renter Passenger: Accidental Death, not to exceed $175,000

  • $250,000 (NY and FL only)
  • $100,000 (MN only) $17,500
  • $125,000 (NY and FL only)
  • $10,000 (MN only)

Accident Medical Expenses, not to exceed

  • $2,500 $3,500 (MN only)
  • $2,500 $3,500 (MN only)
  • Accident Ambulance Expense, not to exceed
  • $250 $150 (MN only)
  • $250 $150 (MN only)