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Rent a Standard Car in Hawaii

Your advantage when booking a Standard Car

Exploring Hawaii in your Standard rental car

Hawaii is a great destination to spend your family vacation as its sunny climate, great landscapes, fantastic beaches and the friendly Hawaiian spirit will make you feel welcome and at home. Exploring any of the islands independent of any schedules will add to this feeling of relaxation. With your Standard rental car this is possible.

The best family destinations are Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island. Each of them offers a family vacation with a slightly distinct flavor. Oahu, home of the capital Honolulu, is also called “The Gathering Place”, a name that perfectly reflects its welcoming spirit. Drive along the famous North Shore with its beautiful beaches or visit historical sites such as Pearl Harbor.

Maui is the best choice for a beach holiday. The extraordinary black sand beaches and white sand beaches with their stunning beauty are a unique experience for the whole family. With your Standard rental car you can drive from beach to beach, stopping at whichever ones you want, whenever you want.

On all of the Hawaiian Islands, there are plenty of activities that children will love. Plan an adventure like snorkeling, surfing, zip-lining or horse-riding and easily get there on-time with your comfortable Standard rental car. In the evenings, you will have access to a lot of food options. Most restaurants offer special child-friendly choices.



*This is an illustration — actual car at pick-up can be different. 

Different Standard Car Types


*This is an illustration — actual car at pick-up can be different. 

Standard rental cars are large cars which fit five passengers and are comfortable for longer journeys. They are spacious and provide comfortable seats. Standard rental cars have five seats, space for four bags and other great features such as air conditioning, automatic transmission, free amendments and phone support. 

A few examples of Standard rental cars are the Chevrolet Cruze and the Volkswagen Jetta. They all share certain characteristics like similar dimensions, engines and similar amount of passenger and luggage space. 

Safety Features:

  • Multi-function Steering Wheel
  • Automatic Climate Control
  • Anti-Lock Braking System

Standard Car specs & features

Standard Car Specs
Chevrolet Cruze Volkswagen Jetta
Dimensions Wheelbase: 106.30 in.
Length: 183.70 in.
Width: 70.51 in.
Height: 57.40 in.
Wheelbase: 104.37 in.
Length: 183.43 in.
Width: 70.00 in.
Height: 58.35 in.
Seats 5 5
Bags 4 4

Standard Car features 

Renting a car from the Standard car range offers you certain advantages. These cars are generally simpler in their designs — and with their focus on functionality, it makes them the perfect choice for your family holiday. They are spacious enough to accommodate everyone and they are comfortable to sit in which is ideal if you plan longer road trips.

Standard rental cars also get points for dependable acceleration both within and outside city limits. The focus on safety features makes these cars a wholesome choice for your family adventures. Furthermore, they are more fuel efficient than bigger models which means you will have more money to spend on fun things like ice cream and souvenirs.

Another plus is the huge trunk that makes them perfect for travelling — and fitting all your luggage comfortably.

Need to Know: Standard cars

What do I have to consider when booking a Standard rental car for Hawaii?

A Standard car is a great choice when it comes to picking a vacation car for your family holiday. You will be able to comfortably travel with your children and take advantage of all the sightseeing opportunities the Hawaiian Islands offer.

It is the perfect car type for driving to Hawaii’s beautiful landscapes, stopping at beaches at your leisure and driving up to any of the idyllic towns and villages. Make sure to not drive your Standard car on dirt roads or other roads that are not well maintained. For these occasions, a bigger car like an SUV or a Jeep Wrangler is the better choice.

Questions on booking a Standard car

Yes, child car seats are available for $12-to-$15 per day at Alamo. Budget and Avis charge $13 per day. Dollar charges $13 per day. They come in three sizes: baby, toddler, and child. Ask the rental agent for a child car seat during pick-up.

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Does the Standard car not feel right for you?

Book a car for a different purpose and discover Hawaii as you like!

adventure in hawaii


The different Hawaiian Islands are a paradise for anyone who is looking for an adventure holiday. Whether you visit the impressive volcanoes on Big Island or enjoy the untouched tropical paradise on Molokai, at each location you can discover the island by car from our big selection of SUVs and Jeep Wranglers.

sighseeing tour in hawaii


Experience Hawaiian culture and explore the beautiful coastal villages and bustling towns. Whether you decide on Oahu with Hawaii’s capital Honolulu and the famous Waikiki Beach, or you decide on visiting the green paradise that is Kauai, discovering the chosen destination by car is always a great idea.

family vacation in hawaii


Hawaii offers numerous idyllic beachfront resorts that are perfect for your family holiday. Pick up your rental SUV or Minivan to accommodate all passengers and all your luggage and explore the island. Each island offers its own mix of adventure and relaxation.

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