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Rent an SUV in Hawaii

Your advantage when booking an SUV

Exploring Hawaii in your SUV

Renting an SUV gives you the opportunity to reach any location on the different Hawaiian Islands at your own pace. An SUV provides you with enough space and legroom to comfortably discover all the hidden gems that Hawaii has to offer.

One perfect spot for your adventure holiday is the island of Kauai with its rainforests, mountains and steep cliffs that offer you breathtaking views. Kauai’s North Shore is ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities such as kayaking, ziplining and hiking. With your SUV you can climb any mountain road and are free to explore on your own.

On Hawaii's "Big Island" an SUV rental car is the best choice for adventure lovers. Drive up to the rural and remote southernmost region and discover the famous Punaluu Black Sand Beach. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park — with Kilauea, one of the world’s most active volcanoes — is also worth a visit.

Drive along Oahu’s North Shore with its legendary surfing spots — with your SUV from Car Rental Hawaii you can fit any equipment comfortably in your car and can chase the best waves along the seven miles of glorious beaches. Also, drive over to Diamond Head volcanic crater and hike up to the top to enjoy the beautiful view of Waikiki.



*this is an illustration: actual car at pick-up can be different 

Advantages of renting an SUV for your Hawaiian holiday


*This is an illustration — actual car at pick-up can be different. 

All of our SUV rental cars are two-wheel drives and they ensure that you can reach 99 percent of all the sights that there are to see. There are only very few spots on Hawaii that make a 4WD necessary. An SUV is the ideal car to explore Hawaii as it works well on bumpy country roads while still being perfectly navigable within the cities. The different SUV sizes all provide certain advantages. 

Midsize SUVs have five seats and provide space for up to four bags. They have less weight and are easier to drive than the Standard and Full-Size models while also being more fuel efficient.

The Standard SUV models are larger — and they also have five seats, yet you can store up to seven bags. They are very versatile and also perform very well off-road*.

The extra-large Full-Size SUVs — with their seven seats and space for three bags — are the perfect option for large groups. Thanks to their rear-wheel drive, they offer better handling wherever you go.

*It is up to each rental car company to define where you can, and cannot, go with a car.

SUV Specs & Features

SUV Specs
Toyota RAV4 (Midsize) Ford Explorer (Standard) Nissan Armada (Full-Size)
Dimensions Wheelbase: 105.91 in.
Length: 181.10 in.
Width: 73.03 in.
Height: 66.34 in.
Wheelbase: 112.80 in.
Length: 198.70 in.
Width: 78.90 in.
Height: 70.00 in.
Wheelbase: 121.10 in.
Length: 208.90 in.
Width: 79.88 in.
Height: 75.79 in.
Seats 5 5 7
Bags 2 5 5

SUV Features 

The Midsize SUVs — like the Ford Escape and the Toyota RAV4 — are the smallest SUV size available and are ideal for couples, small families or small groups. It is roomy enough to accommodate you and your luggage — and works well in the countryside as well as in the city.

The Standard SUV rental cars are the Hyundai Santa Fe, the Ford Edge and the Ford Explorer. They are the perfect choice for larger families or groups — and they offer you a lot of room for your luggage, and equipment like surf boards, during your stay. 

Our Full-Size SUVs — like the Nissan Armada, the Ford Expedition, the Chevy Suburban and the Chevrolet Tahoe — offer you enough space for larger groups with their third row of seats that provide seats for up to seven people.

Safety Features

  • Halogen Reflector Headlamps
  • Rear-view Camera
  • Torque Vectoring Control
  • Roll Stability Control

Need to Know: SUV

What do I have to consider when booking an SUV for Hawaii?

Please keep in mind that driving an SUV is different from driving a regular car. Be aware that an SUV has a longer braking distance. With its heavier weight and larger size it takes a bit of getting used to the brakes, the steering and the overall handling of the vehicle. Make sure you drive defensively and be aware of the longer braking distance. If you take heed of these tips, discovering Hawaii in your SUV rental car will be a special highlight to remember.

Questions on booking an SUV

No. All major rental car companies changed their fleet and at this point SUVs do NOT come with 4WD. Only Jeep Wranglers are 4WD.

No. You are only allowed to park in areas designated for rental cars. You have to pay parking fees, like every other car, where they apply.

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Does the SUV not feel right for you?

Book a car for a different purpose and discover Hawaii as you like!

adventure in hawaii


The different Hawaiian Islands are a paradise for anyone who is looking for an adventure holiday. Whether you visit the impressive volcanoes on Big Island or enjoy the untouched tropical paradise on Molokai, at each location you can discover the island by car from our big selection of SUVs and Jeep Wranglers.

sighseeing tour in hawaii


Experience Hawaiian culture and explore the beautiful coastal villages and bustling towns. Whether you decide on Oahu with Hawaii’s capital Honolulu and the famous Waikiki Beach, or you decide on visiting the green paradise that is Kauai, discovering the chosen destination by car is always a great idea.

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Hawaii offers numerous idyllic beachfront resorts that are perfect for your family holiday. Pick up your rental SUV or Minivan to accommodate all passengers and all your luggage and explore the island. Each island offers its own mix of adventure and relaxation.

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