Top Ten Big Island Activities

1. Tour around the island by bike.The Big Island is perfect for bike touring, providing the most spectacular vistas and oceanfront cycling. Rentals are available island-wide.

2. Try Snuba. Snuba is a combination of scuba diving and snorkeling, where the tank remains on the surface, but you can breathe underwater. A safe alternative, and easier to pick up than scuba diving. Hang out with the fish!

3. Volcano Trail-hike the lunar landscape of the Big Island up close at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

4. Surf in Kona-take to the ocean where surfing was invented, rent a board, get lessons and harness the power of the ocean to ride to the shore.

5. Kayak-Kayaking is an excellent physical activity, and the variety of trips on the Big Island make it possible for all skill levels to have a great time kayaking the waters. There are guided tours available, but there is also the option to take a kayak 'to go'.

6. Mauna Kea- The Hawaiians call this mountain the White Mountain, for the snow that covered it nearly 2000 years ago when they first named it. It stands as the tallest mountain in the world when measured from the ocean floor to its impressive peak. With 13 telescopes the Mauna Kea observatory makes up the largest observatory in the world.

7. Hot Springs-All along the Puna Coast on the Big Island thermal pools can be found. This is where water from hot springs travels through rock pools on its way to the ocean forming naturally heated tubs. There are the Kapoho Tide Pools near Isaac Hale Beach Park on Pohoiki Bay, and there is also the Ahanalui pool, which is great for kids.

8. Hilo-when you get done with all the lava and steam, come back to Hilo and explore the macadamia nut factory, or make a trip to Big Island Candies.

9. Beaches-Big Island's beaches are stunning, and there are many to choose from: the White Sands Beach Park with its constantly shifting beach deposits, Kahalu'u Beach Park offers great snorkeling and Coconut Island Park by the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel is pleasant for fishing and swimming.

10. Parasailing is an amazing experience, and Kailua Bay is a perfect location to soar like a bird above the bay taking in the mind-blowing Hawaiian landscape.