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Molokai discount car rentals

With only 264 square miles in total Molokai can be seen in a couple of hours. Kaunakakai is the greatest town there and spans three blocks. There are no traffic lights or fast-food restaurants. Molokai inhabits the most native Hawaiian residents, relatively and represents a lifestyle that most resembles old Hawaii.

North Molokai's Kalaupapa peninsula was established in 1866 as a place of exile for people suffering from leprosy (Hansen's Disease). It is isolated on one side by a 1,500 foot cliff and on the other side by the Pacific ocean. Father Damien (aka Joseph de Veuster), who recently acquired sainthood, arrived in 1873, devoting the last 16 years of his life to providing comfort to the lepers before he died at age 49 of leprosy. Today a small group of former Hansen's patients still live in Kalaupapa, occasionally guiding visitors through their secluded community. At 1,750 feet Kahiwa Falls is the highest sea cliff in the world and is located East of Kalaupapa. One of Molokai's most famous attractions is a two hour mule ride down this vertical cliff to Kalaupapa Peninsula.

Meanwhile, to the West, the goddess Laka is said to have given birth to the art of hula somewhere near Maunaloa. For this Molokai is often referred to as 'Ka Hula Piko' - literally, 'the navel of hula' or the center of the dance (Hula).

In Molokai people often do fish, hike, or just relax and have fun. Molokai is mostly left origin, natural and unpopulated, there are no traffic lights on the island! Most of the properties on Molokai are basic 2-3 star accommodations although there is one luxury lodge in town. 

The longest and richest barrier reef of all the Hawaiian islands is located in the South Shore of Molokai.

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